Soros, Rothschild, and Big Institutional Investors are Entering Bitcoin Market

The cryptocurrency industry has always attracted speculators and market makers. Institutional investors have not shown much of an interest in Bitcoin until very recently. Slowly but surely, the tide will turn in favor of all cryptocurrencies. Financial moguls, including George Soros, the Rothschild family, and …
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First Soros, Now Rockefellers Move into Cryptocurrency (

First, if reports are to be believed, legendary investor George Soros was found to be investing in cryptocurrency. Now, Venrock, a 3 billion USD venture capital firm owned by storied American family, the Rockefellers, have taken to crypto. 
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First Soros, Now Rockefellers’ $ 3 Billion…


Hedge Fund Titan George Soros Is Getting into Cryptocurrencies

In recent months, regulators across the globe have started paying closer attention to cryptocurrencies, which has scared off investors. Interest in Bitcoin also appears to have waned, with the number of searches in the asset—which has generally followed its price—also falling since the start of the year.
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George Soros Is Rumored to Be Investing in Cryptocurrency (

Billionaire octogenarian George Soros is reportedly taking an interest in cryptocurrency trading. If true, the move would be a remarkable turnaround for the business magnate, who’s previously been scathing of bitcoin, calling it a bubble and a tool of dictators.
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