From JP Morgan and DBS to Iran and Portugal, Bankers Continue to Sound the Bitcoin Alarm

Of late, bankers public and private have increased their criticisms of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, especially as valuation all time highs appear to have no quick end in sight. From destabilization to fraud and money laundering, legacy banking is doing everything in its rhetorical power to sway opinion.
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Electrum and Mycelium now publicly support UASF BIP148 which activates SegWit on August 1st. Ecosystem developers: sound off, regardless of your side!

Code wins cypherpunk wars. We need a clear sense of which developers, apps, and services are on which side.

I'm going to draw up a 'map,' as it were, of the major players in the space, from which we can gauge support. Any help would be appreciated, just drop 'em in the comments.

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