The Stages of Bitcoin

Stages of Bitcoin:

This is a joke.

What is this?

How does it work?

This will get hacked.

So what?

Oh, neat.

These people are crazy, they are cool.

Let me learn mining.

Who is Satoshi?

This is fun.

Mining sucks, time to focus on something else.

Wow, this tech has some amazing potential.

Oh wait, this is not just a currency but an invention. Wow.

These people are awesome.

Whoa. This is going to completely change the world!

I'm going to be rich!

Not sure if I will be rich. I might be stupid.

I know everything about this tech.

It's all about blockchain! Forget Bitcoin.

We need to decentralize everything.

Wait, it's about Bitcoin also.

Wait, some things don't make sense to decentralize.

These people are crazy, they suck.

I barely know anything about this tech.

Many of these people are awesome.

I have to focus now.

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