I started mining bitcoin in the desert. Here’s some of what I have learned.

I started a vertical farm out in the Southern California desert nearly a year ago. It is a modern, solar-powered aquaponic farm. We are 100% off-grid and currently use only solar.

Since we are totally off-grid, we need to produce (and store) additional energy for those days of no sun. But since we are in the desert, we rarely need this excess energy.

So, we have been mining bitcoin with this excess solar energy. And I have some interesting data. I can tell you that for about every 23 cubic meters (about 800 cubic feet) of our greenhouse, we can install one Bitmain Antminer S9. We are currently generating almost 4 bitcoin per year from each Antminer.

I am building my farm out to 1,000 square meters of greenhouse space, at a height of 10 meters. So it will support about 425 miners.

The nice thing about mining bitcoin using the excess energy from my farm is that I must produce it regardless. So I think this is the ABSOLUTE maximal use of my excess energy production.

Just because I like to share (and literally no one here will copy my idea), we make about $ 100 per cubic meter in NET PROFIT from farming vertically each month. And about 0.014 bitcoin per cubic meter per month ($ 12.50 currently).

I am going to build about 100 small greenhouses this year. Each greenhouse can support 4 miners. I think I am going going to order a million bucks worth of miners and start mining for real.

Thoughts? For the record, I already know it is crazy….so don't waste your time with that one. Can anyone come up with a better use of free extra energy? I have been trying to come up with one for the last year.

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