Blockchain Rolls Out Trading Feature for 22 States in the U.S. (

This week the UK-based company Blockchain has announced it has begun to roll out buying and selling features for U.S. residents. Starting now Blockchain Wallet users from 22 states can sell units of bitcoin core from within the wallets interface and other digital assets like bitcoin cash and ethereum will soon follow.
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European Union Terror Fears Drive New Crackdown on Bitcoin Across Member States

Bitcoin has been a tear the entire year, causing governments worry about adoption and potential seigniorage loss, as well as taxation hits, more than public pronouncements regarding the digital asset's use for terror. Nevertheless, the drafted legislation was in direct response to attacks in Brussels and …
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someone told me that bitcoin in the united states which is either bought or sold is tracked as required by law

a gentleman who is in the money transfer business told me this, I am not privy to any secret financial authority that monitors hacked activity, however, all bitcoins brought/sold in the United States are tracked (as required by law) by all the legal exchanges and/or companies dealing in bitcoin. What inferences they (the law enforcement authorities) can get out of it, is anyone’s guess. what is he talking about? rsvp.

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