Majority of US States Has Taken a Stance on Bitcoin and Blockchain (

Most US states have adopted some regulatory stance in regards to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the blockchain technologies behind them, according to a report by the Brookings Institution. The study classifies jurisdictions according to their attitude towards digital currencies and the levels of engagement with the underlying technology.
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Dutch Court Ruling States that Bitcoin has “Transferable Value”

In what is being perceived as a landmark judgment, a Dutch court has recently ruled in favor of an applicant who was owed 0.591 BTC by a private company about a crypto mining dispute. In keeping with the ruling, the court stated that Bitcoin meets all of the criteria that allow classification under the …
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This Sub Needs a Sticky Up Top That States: “YOU Can Buy $10 Worth of Bitcoin”

I posted previously: "Many still think that they need to buy a whole Bitcoin. It is imperative to educate the public about BTC fraction"… and got some flack for it because of the high transaction fees. Well, it's quite amazing how much progress was made in just a few months, as the transaction fees make it once again, possible for people to "buy $ 10 worth of Bitcoin".

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