ALERT: Three additional scam wallets have been added to the Apple Store in the past couple hours. Please report and be careful to prevent theft. (

Hi, In usual (unfortunate) fashion, two scam Bitcoin wallets and one scam Litecoin wallet have just been added to the iOS store. If you know anyone at Apple, please talk with them – see if there’s anyway we can avoid this from happening. Earlier today, there was an additional scam wallet that we (community) got taken down as seen here:


ALERT: New Bitcoin scam wallet added to Apple Store. Please report if you can to help prevent theft for the community (details inside)


Unfortunately it seems like another scam wallet has been added to the Apple Store, this time it's based on Mycelium's code. I've helped expose nearly 25 scam wallets on iOS (which have all been taken down). They all share similar characteristics, and the big giveaway for this one which many of those scams shared is it's copyright is "Wallet".

Stay away from this wallet and report it!

FastWallet – Wallet for Bitcoin. by Truong Huyen

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Monthly reminder for newbies: The Bitcoins you store on an exchange ARE NOT YOUR BITCOINS – they are an IOU. If you hold a decent amount of bitcoins, please make the intelligent decision NOW to transfer your coins to a secure mobile or hardware wallet that you control.

Hacks on exchanges are rare, but they happen. Freezing of exchange-accounts can happen. The point of bitcoin is to be your own bank, a bank that no one can shut-down. The only way to be your own bank is to control your bitcoins yourself.

Popular mobile wallets (great for beginners) include: Breadwallet for IOS, Mycelium for Android. Also, if your phone is rooted, please research how this affects security on mobile devices.

Hardware wallets (gold-standard of security after a bit of research) include: Ledger, Trezor, and Keepkey.

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Is Blockchain safe to store personal information?

I do my first steps in blockchain development and I have a questions about storing some sensitive data on a chain.

Assuming two companies developed the protocol of document exchange through Blockchain. They don’t want to give access to their information to anybody except themselves.

Ok, I think they can choose between two possibilities:
1) Content of docs is encoded cryptographically. The result is recorded on Blockchain directly.
Pro: companies must not maintain their own DB’s for storing docs.
Contra: maybe it is expensive to store big data on blockchain; (the main) if verification key of a counterparty is stolen then malefactor get access to all documents since nobody can remove data from blockchain.
2) Counterparties can record on a chain hash result of docs’ content only.
Pro: It is more safely.
Contra: In this scenario it is impossible to create completely decentralized db since every must maintain the needed data by oneself to get whole content of docs.

Do best practices exist for storing sensitive information on Blockchain?

Recent Questions – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

What would be a safe way to store large amounts of Bitcoin long term to ensure safety from loss?

What would be a safe way to store large amounts of Bitcoin long term to ensure safety from loss?

Is it safe to use to generate private keys and use them to generate multi-sig address, writing private keys on a paper. Then signing transactions from my multi-sig address on offline computer.

Is that the best way?

Recent Questions – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

ALERT: One new wallet was added to Apple Store which is most likely a scam wallet. Please be advised.

Edit: I was originally going to report two scam wallets, but it appears one was already taken down. It shared many of the same characteristics with the below. Please help report it if you can

I and others have helped expose nearly 25 scam wallets on iOS (which have all been taken off the store). I very strongly believe the below are scams and you should proceed with caution. Many of the below characterists were shared by all the other scam wallets, and there were a few earlier scam wallets that we KNOW were designed to steal bitcoin.

Cosmo – Wallet for Btc

Seller: Tham Duong

© Wallet

Reasons why I believe it's a scam:

  • It says it's © Wallet (it literally says copyright wallet in the description)

  • Description of the wallet is only half english.

  • Nobody knows who this developer is, it only links to a Github page

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