ALERT: Apple Store just added another SCAM wallet. (info inside, please report)

Here is it's exact name, please report and let Green Address know that their name is being inappropriately used. If this scam wallet follows the trend, it's designed to STEAL Bitcoin.

BitWallet — Bitcoin Wallet by Green Adress

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SUCCESS! Thanks to quick action/reporting, 8 of the scam wallets were removed from the Apple Store! Now only two more scam wallets remain, please report them! (info inside)

These wallets are infringing on BitGo and Coinbase. And if they follow the trend of the previous scam wallets that were taken down, they are designed to steal bitcoin.

BitGo – Bitcoin Wallet by Bit Coin

CoinPase – Bitcoin Wallet by Simple Bitcoin

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ALERT: The SECOND result for “bitcoin wallet” on the Apple Store is a SCAM wallet that went live a few days ago. We have to get it removed, this is very important and can hurt people.

Guys, we have to get this removed. It's called "Bitcoin Wallet" and they're imitating "Bitcoin Wallet" that's on Android (this wallet isn't officially on iOS as confirmed by the developer)

The description of the wallet shows pictures of the Android version of it, however once you download the wallet it's a reskinned one based off the breadwallet source code (the description screenshots don't even match what it really looks like, how it functions). There was a user here who reported funds stolen with it.

Do NOT use this wallet and help get it removed!!

Edit: there was news that 8 wallets, infringing on copyrights, all went live the past two days and with them all looking the same except for logo changes:

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What is the safest physical to store a private key only to be accessed after death?

Assume that my friend would like to encrypt his Bitcoin private key(s) and safely store them in a secret location. This located would only be identified to heirs after death in his will. Should he put the key:

  • In a safety deposit box
  • Buried in a weatherrpoof container somewhere on my property?
  • In the possession of my attorney?
  • Somewhere else

Please answer the same question above for my encryption key which I would of course store separately.

As an alternative would a mult-sig solution be helpful? If so how would you design it?

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