Strange output from Mycelium. Mycelium taking my money?

Looks like Mycelium stole some money from me. It’s not much, (76 cents worth), but I’m still pissed they stole it and didn’t tell me in advance. This is not the transaction fee. The 0.00029068 BTC transaction fee was already applied.

Sent Bitcoin to one Bitcoin address, however there are two “outputs”. Why is there two of these “outputs”?

Here is the transaction on Blockchain:

The first “output” is legit, but the second one stole 0.00077404 BTC. What gives? In total I wasted around $ 1.00 on this transaction including the fee. This is really pissing me off.

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Bitcoin reversible strange transactions

I am aware that a normal bitcoin transaction cannot be reversed once broadcast and confirmed on the network. My question is whether it is possible to create a strange transaction with an unusual redeem script which would allow the sender to reverse the transaction when this information is provided.

The wallet software might not accept this transaction as spendable but this does not matter as it is supposed to be an unusual transaction. Ultimately my question is whether such a transaction is possible at all but if not, how would I go about creating it?

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Why does bitcoin-cli return strange version numbers for blocks?

I’ve been looking at the version numbers of blocks, but I’m getting strange results from bitcoin-cli getblock.

"version": 536870913 

However, when I run the same command with the false option (to get the serialized block data), it shows a version number of 1:

 "result": "010000 ... 

Why is this happening?


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