$1.8M withdrawal stuck in Bitstamp for more than a week now

As seen in this sub, the only way to actually get a reaction from exchange customer representatives is to make the issue public.

I have withdrawn $ 1.8M from Bitstamp last Tuesday (5 December). Needless to say, the wire is still pending and there is no reaction whatsoever from support (the only message I received was a generic "I have already escalated your case to the appropriate department who will further process your request." yesterday).

The issue is reminiscent of MtGox – this is exactly how their downfall has started. ATH, no replies from reps, missing withdrawals.

I'd advise against holding any serious amount of money in Bitstamp – I'm starting to seriously doubt their solvency. Please upvote to make the issue more visible.

Support ticket #242125

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