College students are using student loans to invest in bitcoin. Yes, really

If you were to pick two things that could define the financial future of today's college students, you could do worse than “bitcoin” and “crippling student loans.” So what happens when you combine the tantalizing prospect of a new global currency with a long future of monthly debt payments? Apparently …
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A Former university student pleaded guilty to launching cyber attack (

21-year-old Paras Jha, from Fanwood, has pleaded guilty to launching malware attack on the Rutgers University computers. He implanted the malware in an IoT device which gave him access to hold all university data under captive.
He was a former student of the Rutgers University, and his knowledge of the data system of the school was…


I just paid off my student loans.

This was a difficult decision. I bought back in 2013 and these returns are more than I could have hoped for back then. The prospect of freeing myself from educational debt was simply too great to pass up and I can now start my career debt-free.

I'm still in it with 0.4 BTC leftover, but I just felt compelled to add my story to the mix we've seen on the sub so far. If you're in a similar situation to me, just remember that in some circumstances it takes as many guts to sell as it does to hold.

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