When you buy a new phone or laptop and suddenly it comes pre-installed with a bitcoin wallet. That is when it will be considered weird to not be using bitcoin.

Your web browser is your portal into the world of the internet. Your wallet is your portal into the world of bitcoin and crypto.

Just as the tech giants of today compete for web browser market share, so too will the tech giants of the future compete for bitcoin wallet market share.

When you buy a new laptop there will be a microsoft wallet installed by default, when you buy a new smart phone there will be a samsung wallet or apple wallet installed by default. Of course people will avoid the default wallets just like they avoid microsoft explorer today, and download what popular consensus deems the best wallet.

Within the next 3 to 5 years every new laptop and smart phone will come standard with a pre-installed bitcoin wallet.

At that point NOT using bitcoin to store value or shop online will be considered only for people over the age of 50 or 60 who cant handle change and grasp desperately onto their credit cards, like their parents before them who grasped desperately onto their cheque books.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bit of a dumb question, but what made Bitcoin so popular so suddenly?

Hey! I'm writing a math paper on bitcoin, where I was thinking about comparing bitcoin prices to search popularity on Google (for an obvious correlation. I'm bad at math and in high school please don't judge my shitty paper).

I noticed that interest just fucking spiked in the spring of 2017, and I'm honestly confused as to how. I remember being in middle school, begging my parents to buy some and them thinking it was a Nigerian prince scam, but what happened that spring to suddenly change that reputation?

Also sorry if this is the wrong subreddit, I wasn't sure where else to post and I don't frequent reddit that much.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet