We are super proud to announce that Vaultoro is now officially the first bitcoin exchange to accept lightning network deposits. AMA us

We where the first exchange to have a full physical allocated gold trading pair,

we where the first exchange to build a full transparency protocol called the glass books protocol after Mtgox Goxed everyone,

we where the first exchange to push for the UASF and now…

we are the first exchange to offer lightning network payments on the mainnet. (SUPER BETA). Feel free to AMA us


NOTE: I'm at chainges conference in Amsterdam where we announced it so I will be back online later. *Joshua Scigala CEO

CryptoAnarchy is alive and growing everyday. Peace.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Super stoked about my first mainnet lightning transaction

I setup a lightning node this weekend using lnd 0.4 beta and successfully used it on mainnet.yalls.org to publish an "article".

I did everything from scratch, meaning compiled the code and created my own docker container to run lnd.

Lightning FTW!

Looking forward to more time spent learning the nitty gritty of lightning.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Super Bowl fan uses Bitcoin to snap up tickets for $19000 in first for NFL showpiece event

A New England Patriots fan is believed to have made Super Bowl history after snapping up a pair of tickets for Sunday's NFL showdown using Bitcoin. The buyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted a secondary ticket vendor on Thursday after being unable to use the cryptocurrency with official …
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