China’s Police Force Reveals Offshore Exchange Surveillance (

According to regional reports, China’s police agency is allegedly monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges based outside of the country. An informant details that China’s Public Information Network Security Supervision task-force is closely watching both domestic and foreign trading platforms involved with cryptocurrencies to prevent fraud, pyramid schemes, and money laundering.
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Sweeping New Surveillance Powers: Buy more Bitcoin

As governments continue to erode our freedoms it seems there is very little that can be done.

Protesting or Fighting is completely useless.

The answer is to ignore them and build a parallel civilization; a better civilization.

Buying Bitcoin; and accepting Bitcoin in exchange for your labor is best way to stick it to the status quo. Their source of power is the FED and the printing press. They only have power because people value those green sheets of paper.

Buy Bitcoin; Spend Bitcoin; Work for Bitcoin

Our most realistic hope to stop the creep of the survelliance state is that it collapses in on itself like most have throughout history. We can accelerate that process by De-valueing fiat currency; we are literally chipping away at their source of power.

We are tiny now; but Bitcoin has the potential to accelerate the collapse of corrupt empires.

Start working for Bitcoin today.

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