Two Indian Token Marketplaces Suspend Trading Due to Regulatory Pressure (

Two Indian crypto token marketplaces have announced that they will halt trading from March 5. The platforms state that this is due to regulatory pressure which put their businesses “under a lot of stress.”
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Two Token Marketplaces Halt Trading


Boycott All Banks That Suspend Crypto Accounts

They want to play this game? Ok… Lets see who has more muscle, their stupid executives trying to stop crypto for their own benefit or the thousands of customers their business depends on? Today, I saw news of major banks in India suspending BTC accounts. I call everyone who has a bank account with any of those banks to simply close and move your funds elsewhere. I will not hold my funds at any bank that tries to stop this market. Our voices should be heard… just like South Koreans did a week or two ago, were they pressured top officials by signing a petition against banning crypto… So, the fight is not only against banks but also against any government official that tries to stop BTC. Guess how all of them got their jobs… and guess how all of them can lose their jobs? We have the power.

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Thousands of Japanese Stores May Suspend Bitcoin Payments on August 1 (

Over 5,000 retail stores and restaurants across Japan that currently accept bitcoin payments may suspend bitcoin use in their stores on August 1 if their bitcoin payment processors halt services.
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Retail Stores May Suspend Bitcoin Payments…