AMA Venezuela (Hyperinflation/Economy/Crisis/Government Talk)

Hey guys!

I'm Venezuelan, Mechanical Engineer, and my salary at the oil company here is $ 2 a Month + a box of Food.

Luckily I've always been a fan of Bitcoin and the BlockChain technology, I spend my spare time teaching people how to change their Bolivares to Crypto so the inflation doesn't wreck their money.

So far I've helped many business and just old people i.e: Restaurant owners who try to sell dishes everyday and the next when they're trying to buy some meat there's no profit (sometimes they can't even afford it), because inflation hits us so hard. Right now the inflation is 1.000.000%++. I'm looking forward to a plan help people get food through Crypto as well I need a plan and the logistics first, I'm pretty much focused on training on Bitcoin use and saving whoever I can from Hyperinflation, I believe Bitcoin is the solution!

Anyhow, you guys can ask anything about how we live here, why we got here, how could we get out, and whatever. There are so many stories to tell.

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