Industry Heads Convene to Talk Public Blockchains on a Private Island

Blockchain Summit 2016 is here. From June 4th through June 7th many thought leaders of blockchain tech will converge on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. No doubt idea exchange will be flowing. So too will the irony that the future of blockchain, a tech that is defined by enabling trustless exchange, is being discussed on […]

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Best Andreas talk for a newb? (

Hey guys, I got talking with a new friend about Bitcoin today and he was genuinely interested. I want to send him a link to an Andreas talk because that’s what really got me hooked and sparked my interest back in the day. Any suggestions or links you guys could provide for what you consider to be the best Andreas talk to show someone who is a total newbie to the space? Just for some context, this guy is very disillusioned with the current financial system and government in general, so…


We’re the MIT Connection Science team, here to talk about ChainAnchor, AML/KYC in bitcoin, and more! AM(A)A

Hi /r/bitcoin,

Here to talk about ideas relevant for bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency more broadly.

1) ChainAnchor v9

2) AML and KYC on Bitcoin, and the Windhover principles.

3) The broader context of AML & KYC.

4) Regulation of digital currencies.

5) The role citizen communities, academia and private industry can play, in collaboration, in framing the debate.

If you want to talk about earlier versions of ChainAnchor's writeup or questions we've already addressed in this sub, we suggest reading this FAQ

Participating from MIT Connection Science will be:

  • David Shrier, Managing Director

  • Thomas Hardjono, CTO

  • John Clippinger, EIR

Our earlier thread collected questions and we will pull from there to get started.

We also note Joi Ito had an interesting blog post about AML/KYC and cryptocurrency. Our view is that if you don't engage regulators early, they will regulate without consulting you…forewarned is forearmed.

So Ask Us (almost) Anything!

edit: posted earlier thread link

Edit2: post was stickied while I was in dentist chair. Will start going through the questions.

Edit3: ok, after coming back for 2 more hours of questions, I'm going to watch John Oliver. There was one outstanding question I will ask Thomas tomorrow.

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