Let's Talk Bitcoin! #306 – Bitcoin Vaults and Selective Reversibility as a Virtue (letstalk)

On Todays Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin…Andreas, Stephanie and Adam are joined by Emin G?ƒn Sirer of HackingDistributed.com to discuss Bitcoin Security, Covenants and fixing the bitcoin theft problem by creating reversible on-chain vaults.Content for episode 306 was provided by Andreas, Stephanie, Gun and Adam. This episode was edited by Adam B….


We need to talk about those full nodes which haven't been updated in years (reddit.com)

I run a full node at home. Though most connected peers are running 0.11.x and 0.12.x versions of Bitcoin Core, it’s not unusual to see peers running much older versions, as old as the 0.8.x series, which is now several years old! I find this unnerving. There seems to be a non-trivial percentage of the network that doesn’t bother to keep their nodes up-to-date. Besides the security implications, it does not bode well for any eventual hard forks. I’m using the Bitcoin PPA for Ubuntu, and…


Industry Heads Convene to Talk Public Blockchains on a Private Island

Blockchain Summit 2016 is here. From June 4th through June 7th many thought leaders of blockchain tech will converge on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. No doubt idea exchange will be flowing. So too will the irony that the future of blockchain, a tech that is defined by enabling trustless exchange, is being discussed on […]

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