$3.5 Million: Turkish Kidnapping Gang Targeting Bitcoin Holders Busted

According to Turkish newspaper Habertürk, police recently managed to capture a gang of five extortionists in Merter, a suburb west of Istanbul, one of the country's biggest cities, making it the first time police carried out an operation in a bitcoin-related crime in Turkey. The extortionists, according to …
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South Korea Advances Crypto Bill Targeting Multi-Level and Door-to-Door Sales (news.bitcoin.com)

South Korea is moving forward with a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies. According to the country’s Ministry of Justice, the bill will primarily focus on cracking down criminal activities including crimes perpetuated through multi-level and door-to-door sales.
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Federal Authorities in California are Aggressively Targeting Alphabay and Silk Road Vendors (deepd.tw)

According to various court documents obtained by ArsTechnica, 11 vendors from large-scale dark web marketplaces Alphabay and Silkroad, which were shut down by the US law enforcement, are set to be sentenced by early 2018.
One of the 11 vendors is David Ryan Burchard, a long-time vendor on Alphabay, Silkroad and many other dark web marketplaces. As one of…