Australian Tax Agency Seeks Public Input Concerning Cryptocurrency Taxes (

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been researching how to formulate regulatory guidelines for taxing cryptocurrencies recently. This week the ATO is seeking input from Australian residents concerning how the country should tax digital assets.
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The Bitcoin Game #53: Advanced Crypto Taxes with Zac McClure (letstalk)

Hello, welcome to episode 53 of‚The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. In this episode I speak to Zac McClure of TokenTax, in what I feel is one of the most in-depth cryptocurrency tax discussions I’ve ever heard on a podcast. We discuss everything from like-kind cryptocurrency exchanges to the idea of selecting specific cost-basis cryptocurrency when giving a gift. We also cover some of the features of TokenTax, a new service to help people manage cryptocurrency taxes.If you decide to…


Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Bitcoin Earnings? Taxpayers Could Pay the Price if They Don't, IRS …

The IRS has warned people who own bitcoin that they must report their cryptocurrency earnings when they file their taxes. Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, are the same as property, and tax payers who do not report them could be audited, the IRS warned in a statement Friday. “In more …
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0 to 50% – Time to Pay Crypto Taxes in the European “Union” (

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin and the like, this year’s tax campaign in Europe comes with many questions on how to report and pay crypto taxes. Despite the obvious hesitation on the part of many governments to comprehensively regulate/legalize the sector, cryptocurrency incomes and profits “enjoy” special attention. Different decisions on the matter pose different challenges to citizens of individual member-states.
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Delay Taxes on Bitcoin Gains Until 2027! (

In the recent tax reform bill, Congress included a provision to incentivize investment in low-income communities. The new provision allows for delay of taxes on income from the sale of property (such as BTC) if you re-invest the gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 6 months (180 days). This allows you to cash out your BTC profit, reinvest the sale proceeds, and delay paying any taxes on the gain from the original sale until 2027 (2026 tax year). More information to come, but to…