Bitcoin Price Faces Another Test as dip Below $6500 Looms Overhead

The Bitcoin price is not a good place right now and things only get worse as more time progresses. That is the overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency world right now, even though the long-term trend is still extremely bullish. As of right now, we are looking at a Bitcoin price of just over $ 6,500, which is a …
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Test Drive: New Cryptocurrency Mobile App ‘Circle Invest’ (

This week gave the beta version of the new Circle Invest application a trial on Apple’s Testflight platform. The new Circle app aims to be a Coinbase competitor by the looks of the user interface as the platform has a lot of similarities.
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The Circle Invest App On Testflight


HODL on my brothers. It is all a test. (

I just want to say that these dips are simply a test. Just like how God tested Job’s faith, Bitcoin is testing our faith in it, and we must HODL. Don’t give up my friends — Bitcoin is here and yes, it is getting a rough treatment, much like the rough treatment Jesus got when he first came onto the scene. But do not doubt, for Bitcoin will rise and its power will be manifest in the ages to come. If you believe in a govermentless society, HODL. If you believe in a better future, where no one…