Bought some bitcoin. Not interested in a lambo, but I hope my grandchildren thank me.

It’s as inevitable as credit cards were. I don’t know what fancy metaphors this sub would like to hear, but my future children and grandchildren will be using cryptocurrency, and bitcoin is the flagship.

0.039 BTC, the baby steps of progress.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Thank you r/bitcoin

With today’s dip I have finally bought my way into owning my first 0.10 of bitcoin. While this may not be a significant amount to most people it is quite a bit for me at this time in my life.

Currently, I work a warehouse job making only $ 11.00 a hour. However, to confirm my money that I’ve injected into bitcoin has not been reckless. Actually, it’s quite the opposite as I’ve taken portions of my monthly budget that has typically gone to eating out and and started making all my meals at home. To add to this I’ve cut alcohol completely out of my diet. As a result the left over amount from this has gone into bitcoin.

Everyone has their own reason for getting into crypto, mine just happened to coincide with bettering my life with more healthy (and cost efficient) choices.

So, thanks for the memes, and motivation to override all the FUD that’s floating around. By proxy you guys (gals) have helped me get back to a physically happier place.

Good luck for everyone in 2018.

** Who would have thought on my 3 year reddit cake day I’d get my most upvoted post. Thank you guys for all the words of encouragement. You guys are awesome!!

2nd edit ** holy shit my first reddit gold! thank you kind stranger!!

3rd edit lol ** I just checked during a free moment at work. Wow this has blow up and another Reddit gold?! I’ll start replying when I get home. There’s a overwhelmingly amount of positive people 👌👍.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet