As of right now the 24hr high is $11,100USD and the low is $10,900USD. I think that’s just swell.

It’s not always going to rocket up but a day of stability right now can not hurt. It must put some people at ease around the world that it’s not always massive spikes and massive dips just non stop 24/7. Which is what it has been since thanksgiving. I think that’s a pretty fuckin dope price to have a little consistsecy.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

The audacity of B2X is that they *know* it’s unbelievably contentious, and that’s their excuse for *needing* to kill the minority chain. Otherwise it “might not work.”

I have now seen on multiple occasions from many of the top proponents of B2X that if they add replay protection the whole thing will die… except they think 90% of the hash means they can do whatever they want.

The fact that they push this in the face of admitting that under conditions of competition their chain will fail miserably, is an admission that there is absolutely, unequivocally, and without question, no way there is consensus for this change.

There just isn't support for this… and the fact that they are simultaneously trying to force this on the network, take advantage of the ignorant money left on Coinbase (essentially pulling the rug out from under 11 million uninformed users), and admitting that it won't work if they just get their supporters on board is seriously unbelievable.

They have even dropped every narrative up to this point. They don't argue about fees anymore, they don't argue about it being a necessity, and they don't even argue scaling. They literally just say "doesn't matter, we agreed, and there is consensus." And yet there is so obviously not any kind of consensus whatsoever that I have a really really hard time believing these people are that dense.

I've slowly come to the realization that they just don't care what users want. I have been directly told this numerous times by r/BTC people, but I'm not one to just take a random comment and apply it to someone totally different.

Now, however, the argument is so often touted that "it doesn't matter what users want, miners have decided" and to go completely unanswered (just upvotes) that I can't help but think that this is their new position.

TL;DR. It totally seems the narrative of this fork has changed. They once attempted reasoned arguments that I disagreed with about severity, critical scaling now, bitcoin will die and so on. Now that all that turned out to be bullshit and we have plenty of scaling, they have just fallen back on "who cares about users, users are stupid, miners made an agreement."

• for those that claim this isn't their stance, I've heard it from many HF supporters that users have no idea what they want, they are stupid, and hash power is all that matters. Literally just ask them, no one is even hiding that opinion.

edit: spelling, a few words, clarity

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Someone said, “Don’t purchase stuff with bitcoin cuz we have to hodl Bitcoin.” That’s terrible mindset.

"When Bitcoin hits that million your coffee will have been $ 10,350."

"That pizza gonna be $ 46 million dollar pizza in the future"

"Just hodl bitcoin. Don't buy something with it"

Please, don't say that. That's terrible mindset. It makes other people misunderstand. If you don't want to lose bitcoin before the price goes up, you just buy more bitcoin before or after you purchase something with bitcoin. Or sell your house for buying more bitcoin.

The real value of bitcoin depends on how many transactions that purchase with bitcoin. If nobody purchases anything with bitcoin, bitcoin will become worthless. Hodling or storing bitcoin never help the community anyway.

We have to promote trading bitcoin and purchasing with bitcoin.

I recommend purchasing with bitcoin at the store that discount when we paying with bitcoin. That's helping the store, help the community, and help the buyer at the same time.

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The NYA signers have greatly overestimated their importance. They do not speak for me. My node is running 0.15 and that’s the only decision that matters. Join me

Nodes are the validators, miners moving off the network only have the power to temporarily adjust the block time. If we keep our nodes on the network with true innovation and development of applied cryptography (MAST, SegWit, bridged payment channels, tumblebit, schnorr, etc) then the miner fluctuation is merely a temporary nuisance. Undoubtedly some will realize that it's dumb to run a client controlled by people and developers who are amateur at best, have nothing to contribute aside from porting code from core devs, and has an openly admitted purpose of "political compromise."

This is a problem of "industry leaders" thinking too fondly of their own importance. Bitcoin will continue to force their humbleness or ignore them. They simply cannot make the decision they think they have made for us. Being their important selves, they have "solved" our scaling problem and only need the political power and influence to make sure this is easy to do again in the future. That arrogance, desire to control, and political nonsense is the very thing bitcoin is designed to resist.

I've got a full node, and it's staying this time because I didn't fully appreciate how critical it was to keep one running. The NYA "agreement" by a few companies who think they speak for me has made me realize. So I'm not running 2X hardfork on my node. Regardless of whether the entire network splits and does something else. I'm following the developers who know their shit and are actually killing it with new cryptographic applications and brilliant security, thorough testing and implementation, and breakthrough innovations. And I can run that network all by myself if I have to.

Join me. Start up a node. 0.15 is much faster at initial sync and operation. Stake a claim with who you want your developers to be.

TL;DR I didn't sign the NYA. They don't have the authority to speak on my behalf. My node will never run 2X and that's all that matters.

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