‘The *reason* bitcoin price is dropping is the rapid 1500% rise in 2 years, esp. the last 3 mo. The “scaling debate” is just a trigger. Relax.’ | Andreas on Twitter

In a year or two we'll be laughing about all of this.


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PR: How to Profit from “The Flippening” (news.bitcoin.com)

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There has never been a more exciting time in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin investors have seen their investments double from $ 1,000 USD this year to $ 2400 today. While that may seem


*The result* of giving bitcoin to the poor.

I originally created this thread which brought up a good number of points from the people who posted. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/4yvhk0/how_will_bitcoin_get_to_the_poor/

I think one conclusion that seems to be consistently drawn about Bitcoin is that its success will be related to the number of people using it. I think the concept of giving bitcoin away is still interesting because of the potential for more people to use it. Simply giving it away to "help the poor" might not be a good reason (teach a person to fish vs give him the fish principal) as discussed in the previous thread. Perhaps giving it away to undermine the current fiat system is. This would require educating the poor about bitcoin, ie education/teaching.

I'd like to discuss what effect if any, would giving out a large number of bitcoin in small increments to millions (perhaps billions) of individuals around the world have? Could this be a faster track to wider bitcoin adoption, and how could a faster track to educating others around the world about bitcoin be accomplished?

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Eris Industries COO: “The DAO Is a Cargo Cult”

“[Projects like the DAO] are an inelegant and wholly unconvincing way to commit securities fraud, speaking kindly,” Preston Byrnes said at the Blockchain Conference in New York. He compared the DAO and other blockchain crowdsales to “cargo cults.” Such cults revolve around the belief that ritualistic acts like building an airplane runway will bring desirable […]

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