Chinese Merchants in Moscow Convert Most of Their Cash to Crypto (

Chinese traders in Moscow’s huge wholesale bazaars have become the most active buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency in the Russian capital. The retail turnover there is estimated at almost $ 10 billion a month. Authorities say that most of it is converted to cryptocurrencies and sent back to China where it‘s exchanged to yuan.   
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Last night, April 8, 2018, three programs on Showtime and HBO all mentioned cryptocurrency as legitimate stores of value in their plot lines

-Homeland ("Darwin loves bitcoin") -Silicon Valley (mining bitcoin, noting how volatile it is) -Billions (turning cash into cryptocurrency to evade government detection)

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin and its crypto cousins are trading at their lowest prices in five months

Bitcoin is bumping around near the lowest prices recorded since November, as government watchdogs around the world more closely scrutinize the crypto sector. The market value of all digital tokens, which includes bitcoin as well as ethereum, ripple, stellar, and hundreds of other variations, has …
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Nvidia CEO maintains that cryptocurrency mining “is not their business”

After noting that cryptocurrency mining represents only a small fraction of NVIDIA's GPU business, CEO Jensen Huang distanced himself from the Bitcoin market, stating, “We're not involved in Bitcoin at all. Bitcoin [mining] is done largely by ASICs today.” Unlike the GPU, which can handle a range of …
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