possibly the worst thing about this crash…

All the shit I have to hear in the office.

The god damn "i-told-ya-so" from John. "I have no idea how stocks or anything like that work but i know bullshit when i see it. I can't believe people were dumb enough to buy fake money."

Yea ok mate, if i need a status update on that box of donuts in the break room, you're my go-to guy. other than that? shut up and go back to being shit at your job.

Then you've got Becky, flapping her useless mouth in the background who "knew" bitcoin was a scam when her boyfriend's Sister's cousin told her that the "bitcoin inventor guy" posted on his website that he was selling all his bitcoin.

"Money can't just be numbers on screens, that's not how money works. it has to be something you can hold as well! With all this net neutrality stuff going on you'd be crazy to invest in money that they can just shut down with the flick of a switch!"

Becky, last week i heard you ask the IT guy if you needed two mice plugged in to your computer if you want to use two screens at once and now you have a working knowledge of both the monetary system, crypto currencies AND the internet?! that's very impressive.

I have no idea why this is annoying me so much, I just found the need to rant while waiting for a meeting to start.

Edit: people seem to have come to some weird conclusions that i've been doing nothing but come to work and try sell crypto to the entire office. the "i told ya so" isn't directed at me or anyone in particular, it's just general chatter around the office. i'm not printing out weekly bitcoin news letters to put on peoples desks or waiting by their car at night to ask why they haven't bought BTC.

Try not to jump to conclusions based on a semi-satirical piece of information.

Don't be a John or a Becky

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Remember one thing, other coins that claim to be instant and zero fees don’t have the amount of users or traffic as Bitcoin

Bitcoin's transaction fees and confirmation times are a result of a large user base and heavy usage.

Blockchain technology itself isn't good for scaling, with enough traffic, it will eventually get clogged up regardless of the coin.

This is why LN is needed, it's layer on top of blockchain that enables instant transactions, low fees and ultimately result in less traffic.

So when you see people shilling other coins on the speed, remember they don't have the userbase or traffic that Bitcoin currently has. Once Bitcoin utilizes Lightning Network, other coins lose their competitive advantage while Bitcoin will still have the largest userbase in crypto.

Bitcoin in it's current state is a store of value with massive adoption, Lightning Network will evolve bitcoin to being a currency.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

When did the value of crypto become the only thing we focus on?

I remember hearing about a new revolutionary currency that was going to change the world, bank the unbanked, and allow anyone in the world to instantly send each other money. The plan was about peace, love, harmony, and bringing the world together as one. When I look at reddit, twitter, forums, or the news, the only thing people are talking about now is the market, and how much the prices are going up. Did everyone forget what the original plan was?

Sure the markets are great for media exposure, but wow did things change in the past few years. Money has converted this movement into a war. Greed has taken over. People are more concerned about their coin "going to the moon" than helping others.

I realize I sound like a hippy, but I'm just throwing my thoughts out there. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, a time to consider helping each other.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

yo, guys – no need to worry about the so-callled “dip” – remember the last time the exact same thing happened? upvote this to make people aware of the roger ver bitcoin judas and jihad wu’s pump and dump scheme

this happened when btc was around 4.5k-5.5k lowering, alot of people were worrying, and btc cash went to 2k usd, but LOL, within a minute, it dropped to 1.3k again and then 1.1k cuz it was pumped and dumped. btc the following 1-2 weeks raised to 10k gbp+ take advice from a 14 yr old who dont know shit, im HODLing to the moon

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Reasons why these price increases are NOT a good thing. no FUD, all facts.

If bitcoin keeps going up at these rates we are going to see some seriously bad side effects here. you may not believe me, but all of these things are MAJOR issues.

  • i only have enough room in the garage for 1 lambo. having to park the second lambo on the street is something i'm not comfortable with.

  • even at the best of times, my productivity at work has some serious holes in it.but recently i've noticed a direct relationship between the price of bitcoin and how much time i spend on reddit/gdax. by my calculations, when we hit 20k i will be spending exactly 61 minutes per hour looking at something crypto related. this is obviously impossible and will break time itself.

  • The memes. We aren't sure what happens when memes reach a critical mass, we just don't have the technology to determine this yet. so far the best theory modern science can come up with is it forms some kind of meme-black-hole which absorbs any and all memes which happen to cross the event horizon. after all memes haves been crushed into the singularity we will be left with only "is it too late to buy bitcoin" posts.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet