An influential former bureaucrat thinks India just can't regulate bitcoin

India's been grappling with regulation of cryptocurrencies for a while now, often indicating its aversion to them—yet not banning it. However, a former top finance ministry official insists that bitcoin and its ilk ought not to be allowed at all. Shaktikanta Das, a former secretary of economic affairs who also …
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Cryptocurrency 'Oracle' Lingham thinks bitcoin cash will outpace actual bitcoin in the future

Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham predicted on Thursday that bitcoin cash — the offshoot of the popular cryptocurrency — will be in greater demand than actual bitcoin in the future. "Bitcoin and bitcoin cash are focusing on two totally different markets right now," said Lingham, who has been dubbed …
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Are Bitcoin Salaries the Future? This Japanese Internet Company Thinks So

A Japanese internet company with the bitcoin bug will soon allow its employees to receive some of their salaries in the form of cryptocurrency. Tokyo-based GMO Internet Group announced the new payment option will launch in February 2018, according to digital currency news site
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Story Time: My Professor Talked About How Jamie Dimon Thinks Bitcoin is Scam (

>started my crypto journey in 2013 after the first bubble >fast forward to last month >break the 21 bitcoin mark >celebrate by giving some biz anons some btc >want to start playing in the big boys league >take a class at a local college for stock market investing basics >first day of a class, a student (not me) to my surprise asks the professor about what kind of asset class bitcoin is >the professor responds by saying bitcoin is just a tulip bubble >he literally…