I helped three people get their first btc today

I was out after work with coworkers having some beers when I realized I left my wallet at home. "No worries, just cash app me". I said "how about I pay you in bitcoin? We can download an app and have it to you in 5 minutes" My coworkers have always had an interest in bitcoin, but even when I tried to walk them through buying $ 10 in an exchange they weren't comfortable doing it. "I'll do it later" they say. I noticed this trend in all my friends. Interested, but couldn't pull the trigger on a $ 10 purchase. I had them download Breadwallet (it's all I know) had them write their passwords on a napkin, take a pic for them to secure, made sure they knew the importance of those words and transferred them $ 10. Almost instantly they saw it in their wallet and I could tell they were happy to finally be in the community. Something that had seemed so foreign to them, they suddenly had it. I remember the feeling I had when I first got my coin and enjoyed seeing it in them.

I know my story isn't interesting. I just wanted to encourage others to give a small amount of coin to their friends, family and coworkers. For a beer, or for nothing. Give a dollar. Give a hundredth of a cent just because you can. I guarantee they'll be happy to have even a little, and it'll open their minds to it and make them feel more comfortable.

Also, to my fellow humans who are comfortable with the Cash app… You can buy btc on it with zero effort. It's a great way to have an "exchange" that they are already comfortable with. I went on to let them know about the dichotomy of the anonymity yet total transparency of the nature of bitcoin. To withdraw your coin even to a wallet you will be asked for your name, state ID and picture of your face. Total turn off to my friends who thought this was supposed to be dark web shit. I went on to explain ways of burner phones and the hundreds of bitcoin ATMs in Koreatown, Los Angeles. But in the end, keep your shady btc from your legit and just put in your damn name and take my $ 10.

Anyways, carry on and spread the small coins…

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