Today, I bought my first house with Bitcoin [Sorry for the potato picture, Facebook Live stream isn't the best quality]

A few months ago, I posted here about the ongoing dramas I was having with banks and utility companies, surrounding the issue of rippling bans for being a Bitcoin trader.

Well today, I had the last laugh. Thanks to Bitcoin, I was able to buy my first house. No banks, No mortgages. Just 100% digital currency goodness.

Thank you Bitcoin. You have changed my life <3

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4 Years ago, we started accepting Bitcoin at my Subway Restaurant. The first order we sold with Bitcoin is now worth over $275 today! (

In November of 2013, Adam Welsh made the first and historic trip and purchased a Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich Meal at my Subway Restaurant in Allentown, PA. The cost at the time was $ 12.35 or 0.04 BTC. Today, 0.04 BTC = approx $ 280. Original Post (from 4 years ago): Adam had recorded the entire transaction here:…