Counterparty Cash Announces ERC20 Competitor with Edge Wallet Support for Tokens (

This past January a project was launched that revealed a forked version of the crypto-derivative platform, Counterparty, and it’s being built for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Now this week, at the Cryptopulco event in Mexico, the creator of the new BCH token infrastructure, Julian Smith, has announced that Counterparty Cash (XCPC) and all assets, tokens, and instruments released on the protocol will work natively in Edge mobile wallet including the protocol’s own XCPC token.


Trading Tip `The Wall´ – Drop Tokens That Suffer From Overtokenization (

It’s said that 90% of all startups fail, and that we should expect nothing more from ICOs. But 10% success rate is still overly optimistic for ICOs, perhaps not for the reason you may think. You’re probably aware of examples of ICO “founders” who turned out to be a bunch of made up Linkedin-profiles. You’re probably also aware of the risks that comes with sending money to people on the Internet you never met, in an asset or token impossible to freeze.


Which exchanges will offer coin-splitting and trading of new tokens after Aug 1st?

I'm really confused as it looks like most exchanges are taking up different positions on the upcoming chain split and hard fork. I know that Coinbase won't offer their users any of the new tokens after the hard fork.

But which exchanges will offer coin-splitting & where should I withdraw my BTC to?

I'd like to get both BTC and the new tokens when the split happens on August 1st. Preferably I want to keep my bitcoin on an exchange to make trades depending on how the situation evolves.


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