Offered my boat mechanic $100 in bitcoin to expedite my boats summarization before everyone else’s. I had about 25 boats in front of me and a 7-10 day wait… guess who is boating tomorrow 🚤😎

In all seriousness, it was his first Bitcoin and I gave him the option of $ 100 cash or $ 100 in bitcoin. He was very happy to take the bitcoin! 👍🏼 I explained his paper wallet and delivered it in a zip lock bag. Told him to put in his safe and if he has a firesafe pouch in his safe (he said he does), to put it in there and forget it. I even printed off a spare QR deposit code for him to put more on if he ever chooses! Today was a win for everyone!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Expiring Futures Tomorrow… NOT SO FAST! (

The CME futures expire tomorrow, and everyone is panicking that Wall Street will manipulate the price downward to gain the most profit… But it’s not that simple; CME has limits on what any given entity can hold, that make it almost unprofitable given the cost of manipulation. Any entity is limited to owning 1k contracts containing 5btc each. Every $ 5 move in bitcoin is a $ 25 profit/loss on a contract. In the recent month, we saw the price move from $ 19k to $ 10k potentially tomorrow at…


Let's Talk Bitcoin! #351 – Today and Tomorrow (letstalk)

On Todays Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin,Stephanie, Andreas, Jonathan and Adam sit down for our last conversation of 2017. In this wide ranging discussion we talk about the current state of bitcoin usability, how best to handle the current environment and more.This episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin! was sponsored by and edited by Matthew Zipkin. This episode featured music by Jared Rubens & the New Time. Any questions or comments? email