I’m going to the Bahamas with my girlfriend tomorrow to ask her to marry me. Price: 1 Bitcoin

I got in on Bitcoin at an average price of about $ 900.

The 1 Bitcoin I sold is all gains, and going to the Bahamas for 36 hours for a proposal is only possible because of Bitcoin.

Thanks, Bitcoin. You're awesome.

edit: For all the "this will be the most expensive trip ever" folks, help me get the 1 Bitcoin back by buying some replies at replyd.

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Tomorrow is an important day in Bitcoin’s life. Let’s get SegWit activated.

At this point, locking in SegWit is crucial.

It will pave the way for future development, and increase transaction throughput while doing so. Blocking it will seriously harm Bitcoin, more than stonewalling a block size increase ever did.

Maybe it's not the best solution to transaction malleability, and it's not a direct block size increase, but its something that is ready today, and the benefits outweigh the risks.

I urge you to start signalling for SegWit tomorrow, and let's move forward.

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