John Oliver Tackles Cryptocurrency on Last Week Tonight (

On Sunday evening, John Oliver devoted 25 minutes to cryptocurrency on his eponymous HBO Show. The comedian and political commentator treated viewers to a whistle stop tour of crypto – the good, the bad, and the ugly – during Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. Topics included decentralization, Bitconnect, and blockchain.
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Lightning network is working! ROOM77 is accepting testnet coins tonight for beers if they are being sent via the lightning network to our lightning node.

For many years now we have been accepting Bitcoin (with zero confirmations and directly, not through Bitpay) at our bar/restaurant in Berlin. Today we have deployed a testnet lightning node and accept testnet coins via the lightning network from a few customers to get a glimpse into the future. And that future looks shining bright!

  • No more waiting for the customer's transaction being broadcasted, transactions arrive in milliseconds, not seconds (or sometimes minutes in case the customer uses coinbase or another bank wallet).

  • No more looking out for double spend attacks. Not even Peter Todd is going to RBF us on LN.

  • No more confusion during times of malleability attacks. Transaction malleability is a thing of the past.

  • Massively advanced privacy for us as well as our customers as only we can see the transactions on our payment channel.

  • And we will finally be able to offer free-of-cost payments to our customers.

As a merchant I can tell you that every merchant on the planet wants this stuff. It is like after all these years Bitcoin shows that with LN it can live up to its promises in regards to efficiency, speed, irreversibility and privacy no matter how many people will use it.

Thanks to all the developers making this possible!

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