Is there any tool to extract the bitcoin transaction network from the blockchain?

I’m looking for a way to extract some data from the latest downloaded bitcoin blockchain. In particular I’m interested in extracting the whole transaction network, so input and output public keys used in each transaction, the transaction date, hash, block hash and BTC amount. I tried several solutions so far with no luck:






I’ve had some luck with bitcoindatabasegenerator and rusty-blockparser, but while these tools succesfully extract the output PKs, input PKs are nowhere to be found in the resulting files.

Summarizing, I’m looking for something like this to produce a network visualization of bitcoin transactions:

|Source PK(s) (BTC)| ——> Transaction ——> |Target PK(s) (BTC)|

Im not really an expert in coding so this makes everything more complicated for me. Can you suggest me a way to extract this data from downloaded Blk files?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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