Carl Icahn: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are 'ridiculous' β€” 'I wouldn't touch that stuff'

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn told CNBC on Tuesday that he has an unfavorable view of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them "ridiculous." "I don't like the cryptocurrencies only because, maybe I don't understand them," the chairman of Icahn Enterprises said in an interview on "Fast Money …
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Can the owner of 13Yk7NTC64VEfrBL9KE2NNHDrorcJ3SQbz please get in touch with me? I cracked your private key.

I don't really expect this to work, but stranger things have happened. The value in this address is a bit too high for me to believe it's intended as "there for the taking" or anything like that. If it's your address, please move your coins and let me know.

For anyone concerned by my post, the key for this address was created in an extremely uncommon nonstandard way, so there's no need to worry.

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