One year ago my manager said “No way in hell this investment firm will trade bitcoin”. Today my manager said that we will start soon!

I don't want to disclose any names, but I am really happy! I can finally understand something at work! A company came in to educate directors and management about digital asset trading and they agree'd to start by testing the waters on bitcoin. I know its not a big deal because there are bigger players in the game but the more the better! Its a small-mid investment firm with $ 1 billion capital. I loved how it took one year for my manager to change his mind.

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Significant Trade Volume Triggers Localbitcoins KYC Requirement (

According to a recent thread on Reddit, Localbitcoins traders allegedly have to verify their identity if they are trading “significant” volume using the peer-to-peer platform.
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Localbitcoins ‘Error’ Involves Know-Your-Customer Verification
Bitcoin users…


Let Bitcoin trade remain within banking system, it can be tracked: Ajeet Khurana

After having understood the risk, if I want to buy Bitcoin, should anybody be able to tell me that I cannot do that as it is dangerous for my neighbours if I have it? At the level of purchasing or possessing, I do not see India as one of those very underdeveloped countries in the world which are banning …
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Trade war with China could be bad for dollar, good for bitcoin

My preliminary analysis indicates that a trade war could work to devalue the dollar. China has been pegging the Yuan as devalued in relation to the USD since 2001 when they joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). This has had the effect of tilting the whole playing table so that goods "roll down hill" more easily to the US and goods really have an uphill battle getting from the US into China.

Trump is not willing to start off fixing this by devaluing the dollar, so he's using tariffs. But could tariffs have a devaluatory effect on the US Dollar?

If so, bitcoin stands to gain ground even faster than it is now.

See here:

“It’s a bit of a double-edged sword,” said Tannuzzo at Columbia Threadneedle. “The dollar should ultimately strengthen in the short-term against the currencies affected by the tariffs; in the long-run, it could stay under pressure overall because it has to fund large and growing current-account deficits.”

When currency investors "take cover", it would be great if there was a currency that was immune to all this trade war chaos….

Oh wait.

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Trade, but don’t panic, and don’t panic trade.

It is not undeniable, but it is true nonetheless: The Tokyo whale changed market sentiment as even bad news from china in September couldn’t. Market sentiment and price were massively, if not madly, inflated anyway, and when they took the hit from his sales, it broke major trendlines. Now, the argument that those lines shouldn’t have broken is moot. The price will not magically recover, as none of its previous recoveries have been magic. The price move up last year was based on sentiment regarding an unbroken upsloping double-exponential trendline feeding itself, and now it is broken and so the market can no longer inflate based on it. For crypto, speculation has been a bigger driver than actual tech, and the now-negative sentiment from now-negative speculation has to play out. One the greatest trends in history has just been broken, and such a rise dictates a reasonable response, if only out of respect. But don't fear for the market long term! Unlike every other bubble in history, crypto has proven antifragile time and again over its short life, able to bounce back as only a true Saiyan can. It is only the bubble of sentiment that has popped, and were the worst to play out and BTC bears down to the high from its previous bull run, it would still be up more than 400% from the low of its most recent bear run, and still up some million % over the last decade. At the bottom of any bear run is still blockchain fundamentals, the technology, that is the greatest innovation since the computer and electricity before that.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet