BitMEX Research: Bitcoin Economics – Deflationary Debt Spiral (Part 3) – Bitcoin is resilient against some traditional disadvantages of deflation. Bitcoin has weaknesses, often overlooked by critics, which make the controversial supply cap necessary. (New PDF Report)

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Bitcoin 'has pretty much failed' as traditional money, says Bank of England's Mark Carney

Carney, who is due to address U.K inflation on Wednesday before a parliamentary committee, has offered a take this week on No. 1 cryptocurrency, bitcoin. The central bank boss said the following during a question and answer session at London's Regent's University: 'It has pretty much failed thus far …
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Traditional Investors Reveal Their Opinions on Bitcoin as Price Holds Near Record Levels

Several traditional investors have issued their opinions about Bitcoin as it continues to soar to record highs. During morning trading on December 8, 2017, the currency traded above $ 16,000 per token and even reached more than $ 18,000 in one market. Due to its phenomenal trading performance, …
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Study Shows Millennials Favor Bitcoin Over Traditional Banking

Based on the survey conducted Blockchain Capital, 70% of the 10,000 millennials who were polled claimed that they are not content with the interest rates offered by banks and almost 65% said that their money is safer in Bitcoin because they personally control it. The survey also showed that nearly …
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