I just transferred out my funds. I can no longer respect you. Goodbye Coinbase.

I really can not stand how they are handling Bitcoin. It is clear they do not want a truly decentralized system to flourish, despite what their framework says.

I am not a fan of secret agendas and greedy hands. It is possible to make money and be respectable, but Coinbase has chosen a different path.

It saddens me because Coinbase was my entry point into crypto, and now I feel they've aligned themselves against what the entire system should stand for.

Goodbye Coinbase. For your sake, I hope you can redeem yourself. But for now, you are losing a customer for a company with standards and values that actually reflect in their actions.

Edit: For anyone wanting to do the same. https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/2063066-how-can-i-close-my-account-

A Few reasons: The way they handled the release of Bcash (Roger Ver defended the Insider Trading), The CEO Brian Armstrong is clearly against Bitcoin, They have yet to implement segwit in a timely manner. It is clear to me they would like to make money over sticking to their standards and values. As stated above, it is possible to do both.

Another: Spamming the network

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