An exchange giant lays out its defense of a bitcoin product that could transform the cryptocurrency

The exchange behind one of the two markets for bitcoin futures in the US is trying to mollify regulators' concerns about an exchange-traded product tied to the cryptocurrency. In a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission out Monday, Cboe Global Markets president Chris Concannon addressed …
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The Pineapple Fund is using bitcoins to transform lives — Donated more than $53 million already

The Pineapple Fund has been making waves in the crypto world and beyond, with one of its most recent pledges being a commitment to match $ 4 million in donations to MAPS by March 10th this year.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin is a bubble, but the technology behind it could transform the world

Humanity's earliest, truly transformative general purpose technologies were the ability to cross-fertilise plants and cross-breed animals. Suddenly, it made more sense to farm than to hunt and gather. The surge in agricultural output meant humans could do other things than worry about survival; they …
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"We're here because we believe in Bitcoin and it's potential to enable and transform mankind" – We can't stop the industry from forking off. All we can do is to make sure as many people as possible stay true to the core principles & realize how doomed


Blockchain To Transform Fintech, Speakers Note At Hong Kong Technology Conference

Blockchain technology will have a major impact on fintech and other sectors, according to discussions during a fintech conference sponsored by Cyberport, a technology hub of more than 700 members owned by the Hong Kong SAR government. Speakers at the Blockchain Strategies for Business conference in Hong Kong focused on the technology’s transformational potential, practical […]

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