California Trashes $300 Million With its Garbage Recycling System

A consumer watchdog in the Golden State has revealed that recycling conscious Californians being ripped off by an outdated collection system. A new report has outlined how environmentally friendly Californians are being short-changed by a flawed system and lack of basic recycling infrastructure. The result is that consumers are losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Want to Recycle. Can’t Recycle. California is one of the United States most recycling friendly states but consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to return their recyclables. This is in large part due to the closure of over 40 percent of

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Billionaire Warren Buffett Trashes Bitcoin Again: 'It's Rat Poison Squared'

Billionaire Warren Buffett, a notorious bitcoin bear, blasted cryptocurrencies again at the 2018 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting on May 5. Buffett reiterated his earlier warning that “cryptocurrencies will come to bad endings,” the Wall Street Journal reported. “If you had bought gold at the …
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