Trezor to Implement Bitcoin Cash Addresses (

After seeming to be outright hostile to incorporating Cashaddr, a way to distinguish easily between bitcoin core and bitcoin cash addresses, popular hardware cold storage wallet company Trezor confirmed its integration is on the way.
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Cold Storage Wallet Maker Trezor to Integrate…


We are proud to be the first TREZOR reseller and the third ecommerce in the world selling thru LN ⚡

Today we started to sell Ledger and TREZOR via LN payments ⚡

Everybody in Brazil can now buy and pay your TREZOR via LN. Just open a channel with me (0253271f3a0cf1876dfaa381728ce1514d2254b0012725567db9429309d50b03da@ or anybody on LN and buy on our website

The future is here!

Edit: if anything goes wrong with the payment, we ship the product anyway! Go lightning 💪

Edit2: it seams that we are the fourth ecommerce. But it rocks anyways!

Edit3: many people think our business is a scam. You can verify on Trezor's site that we are an official reseller

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