A Computer Glitch Let a Trader Claim $20 Trillion in Free Bitcoin

An error in the price calculation system at Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif has allowed some customers to claim digital tokens for free—including one who “purchased” $ 20 trillion worth of Bitcoin. That's problematic on a number of levels, but among those is the fact that the total Bitcoin market …
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1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan to add to a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut! Americans, now’s the time to get your Bitcoin.

The only things higher than Elon Musk's Tesla are the debts of global economic lynch pins like the US and China. By the time this debt quagmire morphs into a debt crisis it'll be too late for your hard-earned fiat. The only thing we'll be able to buy with cash then will be a ticket to the premier of Quantitative Easing 2: Inflation Boogaloo. Buy gold if you want, buy land if that's your style. Personally, I'll be buying the simplest, most liquid, most mobile deflationary asset around: Bitcoin.

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