Bitcoin's a Pretty Good Guide to Animal Spirits, It Turns Out

“The price of Bitcoin is worth watching,” Morgan Stanley analysts including Michael Wilson wrote in a report Monday. “While we do not expect this relationship to continue to hold so tightly we do think it will be hard for price-to-earnings to move significantly higher or lower without a commensurate move in …
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Hydro-Quebec Turns Down New Applications for Crypto Mining Operations (

The premier of the Canadian province of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, has temporarily halted the approval of new mining operations partnering with the province’s state-owned power company, Hydro-Quebec.
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Hydro-Quebec Halts Approval of New Mining Operations…


When will bitcoin's bloodletting cease? Fundstrat's Lee turns to the 'Bitcoin Misery Index' for answers

The recent, brutal selloff in bitcoin has even the most ardent bulls puzzled about the outlook for the digital asset. Bitcoin has shed more than 20% of its value over the past week amid a raft of negative news, leaving investors scrambling for a reason to hold on to a modicum of optimism. Tom Lee …
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