This is Ross Ulbricht’s 6th Christmas in prison. A powerful message was posted on his Twitter today.

Here's a message posted on Ross Ulbricht's Twitter today:

"Each morning I wake up in this tiny cell, I dread facing another day. Gratitude is the antidote I use, giving thanks just to be alive, to be healthy, to have so many wonderful people in my life. "Thank you" is my mantra all day. It turns dread into joy even here."

If you haven't done so, you can sign his petition for clemency here.

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Story: A Coinbase user accidentally sends bitcoin to a litecoin address. Coinbase support claims it’s not recoverable. Someone on Twitter helps the user recover the funds successfully.

Just listened to the story on the recent Blockdigest episode. The TL;DR is in the title.

It's of course the mistake of the user to not being careful enough, but also negligence on part of Coinbase not to have any sort of warning or restrictions in place for sending bitcoin to a litecoin address (which seems like an easy and reasonable thing to implement).

But particularly negligent is to claim that the funds are not recoverable anymore, which is simply not true, and luckily, another Twitter user was able to help recover the funds successfully (worth around $ 2.5k). So the Coinbase support was simply either incompetent or just lazy or lying, which is all equally concerning, as such cases are likely not very rare with all the newbies coming into the space and Coinbase is one of the biggest fiat on-ramps into bitcoin.

Timestamp to the story (as told by @brian_trollz, the person helping with the recovery):

Link to the original Twitter thread:

And the follow up by @brian_trollz:

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet