TIL in 2011 a user running a modified mining client intentionally underpaid himself 1 satoshi, which is the only time bitcoin have ever truly been destroyed.

In block 124724 you'll find txid 5d80a29b which has a payout of 49.99999999 BTC at a time when the block reward was 50 BTC. A transaction fee of 0.01 BTC was also forfeited. This bitcoin no longer exists anywhere in the network, as opposed to "burned" coins which technically still exist in a wallet which no one can ever access (ex: 1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE).

On bitcointalk user midnightmagic explains a deeper meaning behind this:

I did it as a tribute to our missing Satoshi: we are missing Satoshi, and now the blockchain is missing 1 Satoshi too, for all time.

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Underpaid Invoice [on hold]

I happened to pay a little less bitcoins than needed for my transaction (i didnt counted the currency difference) and the merchant said it was possible to either send me less of what i am buying or he can refund my transaction. Since then I received no answer and now i am waiting more than 24h for response. I have all the detail needed, I just want either what i bought or a refund. What is you opinion ? What should I do ? I received nothing , my bitcoins are gone 🙁 Any ideas / help

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