I used Western Union to wire 4000 dollars to my family back in the Middle East. I paid 78 dollars in transfer fees and 116 dollars in currency exchange fees. Let that sink in

I also choose the cash option if I were to go with a debit card the fee was going to be 320 dollars

Do you see the money being made? Does it make sense now why they try to fight a public ledger that anybody can view and use?

Borderless currency without those greedy entities telling us what to do

I’m butthurt

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0 to 50% – Time to Pay Crypto Taxes in the European “Union” (news.bitcoin.com)

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin and the like, this year’s tax campaign in Europe comes with many questions on how to report and pay crypto taxes. Despite the obvious hesitation on the part of many governments to comprehensively regulate/legalize the sector, cryptocurrency incomes and profits “enjoy” special attention. Different decisions on the matter pose different challenges to citizens of individual member-states.
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