$12 Billion University of Michigan Endowment Might Deepen its Crypto Stake

Institutional investors are finally wading into crypto. Want proof? The University of Michigan’s $ 12 billion endowment said it could increase its investment in a crypto-network technology fund managed by American venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Financial terms weren’t disclosed, but the latest cash infusion into Andreessen’s CNK Fund would add to the $ 3 million the university invested in the fund back in June 2018. The CNK Fund invests in cryptocurrency startups. In a statement, the University of Michigan noted that Andreessen believes cryptocurrencies are “an important area of innovation” that demands further exploration and investment. “Crypto has become an important area of

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University College London Fights CV Fraud via Bitcoin Verification (news.bitcoin.com)

Imagine getting treated by a doctor with a fake diploma, or losing a job to another candidate who faked his resume. Unfortunately, such cases are all too prevalent these days in various parts of the world where proper documentation verification is too cumbersome or too costly. However, bitcoin might provide the answer to making sure this reality is preventable in the future.
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Ditch University and High Transaction Fees – Praxis Accepts Bitcoin Cash (news.bitcoin.com)

Praxis is an intern, apprentice-like placement company, acting as a practical, resumé building experience for those who believe university is a waste of intellect and time and treasure. Recently, they’ve announced tuition can be paid in bitcoin cash, which offers near instant transaction times and low fees.
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