University College London Fights CV Fraud via Bitcoin Verification (

Imagine getting treated by a doctor with a fake diploma, or losing a job to another candidate who faked his resume. Unfortunately, such cases are all too prevalent these days in various parts of the world where proper documentation verification is too cumbersome or too costly. However, bitcoin might provide the answer to making sure this reality is preventable in the future.
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Ditch University and High Transaction Fees – Praxis Accepts Bitcoin Cash (

Praxis is an intern, apprentice-like placement company, acting as a practical, resumé building experience for those who believe university is a waste of intellect and time and treasure. Recently, they’ve announced tuition can be paid in bitcoin cash, which offers near instant transaction times and low fees.
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A Former university student pleaded guilty to launching cyber attack (

21-year-old Paras Jha, from Fanwood, has pleaded guilty to launching malware attack on the Rutgers University computers. He implanted the malware in an IoT device which gave him access to hold all university data under captive.
He was a former student of the Rutgers University, and his knowledge of the data system of the school was…


I spoke to an older professor at my University about Bitcoin. He’s worried about it.

I spoke to a computer science professor about Bitcoin and other blockchain technology because I'm starting a club and looking for an advisor.

He told me he probably wouldn't be a good advisor, because he doesn't like bitcoin very much.

Not wanting to be dismissive, I asked, "Why's that?"

He's worried that Bitcoin will become so valuable that it will render his USD retirement fund obsolete.

He believes bitcoin will go up so much that it he'll have no choice but to use it in the future.

After a short conversation with him, he sent me to a professor with blockchain experience and said he's buying a couple of books on Bitcoin.


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