Markets Update: The Top 68 Cryptos Dive During the January Slump (

Cryptocurrency markets are having a tough time during the third week of the new year as a vast majority of digital assets are down 20 percent or more. Currently, the BTC/USD global average is roughly $ 12,050 after touching a high of $ 14,300 just 24-hours prior. The sudden losses started taking place yesterday evening when bitcoin markets dipped into the $ 13K territory. Uncertain digital asset traders are debating on whether or not markets will rebound soon or plunge to some more lower bound…


I’m donating 25 Bitcoin to good causes – UPDATE


At the start of December I pledged to donate 25 Bitcoin, 1 each day leading up to Christmas, to a cause suggested by r/Bitcoin. This was done publically in the hope to inspire others to donate too, especially people who have benefited from the rise in price recently.


It took a long time to read every comment, private message and to check everyones suggestions. Unfortunately not many suggested charities accept Bitcoin. I am posting this update so people can make suggestions for the last few donations and see a list of causes donated to so far.


I am hoping that this post and donations will still encourage others in the community to give Bitcoin to good causes.


Get involved

Submit a suggestion in the comments of a cause you would like to see donated to. Also post a link to their Bitcoin donation page (not address) if possible. Even if your suggestion is not donated to by me hopefully it may be seen by others here who may choose to donate.


I'll ignore any scams, begging, college fund requests etc.
I don't donate to individuals so please don't post or PM.

If you wish to give but don't have the time to check these posts for suggestions you can send Bitcoin to my address:  


I will divide the extra Bitcoin sent to that address by 25 and donate it to each of the chosen causes once all my 25 Bitcoin have been donated.

Thanks to the people who have donated to my address so far.

Proof of funds

Message: "Give Bitcoin this Christmas"
Address: 34WbSyrtibUJiFbRa7ukLC8RGdFMnQRn4b
Signature: I8vZgsyOb1CKbTjo/Mravp03yIFnC94GNTVYOkBbhIUPUajfKPg4nh8zj7dWu5qzev2nsAtByLwpHHDnVwyAxsI=

Note that the address above doesn't contain 25 now due to sending donations so the funds moved to change addresses. You need to verify it using Trezor.


Day Cause Proof of donation
1 EFF tx , tx ,tx , tx
2 Khan Academy tx
3 Give Directly tx
4 Andreas Antonopoulos tx
5 MAPS tx
6 help venezuelans tx
7 Wikipedia tx
8 Royal National Lifeboat Institution tx
9 mercy for animals tx
10 Heads Up Guys tx
11 Land + Heart project tx
12 The water project tx
13 3blue1brown Check this amazing video tx
14 Open Medicine Foundation tx tx
15 Tor Project tx
16 Free Software Foundation tx
17 Freedom of the Press Foundation tx
18 Against Malaria Foundation tx
19 MIRI tx
20 TBD
21 TBD
22 TBD
23 TBD
24 TBD
25 TBD


P.S I have not seen any suggestions yet for charities dealing with addiction. It would be great if we could get some suggestions for alcohol, drug or gambling addiction.

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Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies See Big Gains After New Year’s Day (

The second day of the new year sees cryptocurrency markets come back after another holiday slump over the past few days. Bitcoin core markets are up 4 percent, averaging between $ 14,600-14,800 across global exchanges. However many other digital assets are seeing more significant gains as ethereum and bitcoin cash markets have risen 13-18 percent during the morning of January 2.
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Market Update: BTC Value Consolidates After Bouncing (

BTC markets have produced sideways consolidatory price action in recent days, following bitcoin’s dramatic crash from almost $ 20,000 USD to test a low of approximately $ 11,000, and ensuing bounce up to the 0.618 retracement area. Most major altcoin markets have bounced in concert with BTC.
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Markets Update: Deflated Digital Asset Prices Bounce Back (

The price of bitcoin (BTC) has rebounded significantly since our last markets update. BTC markets reached a high of $ 16,100 across many global exchanges around 11:00 am EDT on December 26. The price spike is a big jump from yesterday’s weighted global averages of $ 13,800-14,000 per BTC on Christmas day.
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Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Rallies to $4000 — While BTC Markets Dip (

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has experienced dramatic bullish action recently, gaining over 100% against USD in just three days. As of this writing, BCH is consolidating at approximately $ 3,800 after breaking above $ 4,000 for the first time ever. BCH’s bullish momentum has coincided with a more than 20% drop in the price of bitcoin core (BTC).
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Markets Update: Bitcoin Spot Prices Slide After CME Group Opens Futures

Bitcoin markets took a slide on Sunday evening December 17 about an hour after CME Group launched the company's futures markets. Even though the beginning of the derivatives sessions were quite bullish with contracts above $ 20K, bitcoin's spot markets dipped to a low of $ 17,925 across many …
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