Nobody blames a currency when criminals launder money, but if they used BitCoin suddenly it’s a BitCoin problem

The same happened to the internet. If someone was murdered by someone they met on the internet, media blames the internet.

20 years later people are over it because they all use the internet now.

Will we ever get impartial news? When are people going to stop forgetting society always does this?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Sooo… You guys are aware that Bitmain is selling used equipment ?

I don't understand people buying Antminers. Bought from them in 2013-2014. Here is what i discovered investigating why one of the Antminer was full of dust.

Here is what Bitmain does.

1-They manufacture Antminers.

2-Keep the production of newer units "secret".

3-Calculate very thoroughly when to announce and sell them so their costumers will be (or think they will be) able to make some pennies.

4 -Dump their used equipment on the market by batches as the new version batches comes in freshly manufactured.

5- Repeat.

Conclusion: Unless you have privileged access to miners or free electricity, avoid mining.

Invest directly in Bitcoins.

Sending 1 BTC to Bitmain to get miners might result in 1.00xxx BTC. Why is that ? Because Bitmain sells the Antminers very close to the amount of BTC it will be able to mine in the future considering difficulty. Hours of work for close to nothing.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin Cash Used to Pay for Music Records, Gift Cards, Plastic Surgery (

With BTC transactions taking forever to complete and fees higher than ever, the adoption of bitcoin cash by small businesses and big miners is going strong. The latest examples of this include paying for everything from plastic surgery to music records.   
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Woman Used Darknet Hitman Service in Failed Murder Plot (

In Denmark, a woman faces charges for attempting to have her boyfriend killed through a fake hitman-for-hire service on the darknet. At an undisclosed date prior to March 31, 2017, British authorities alerted Italian authorities that someone in Denmark had attempted to have an Italian citizen killed. Italian authorities then alerted law enforcement in Denmark.
Although North Zealand police arrested the 58-year-old suspect in March of this year, they managed to keep the case from…


When asked if I have any Bitcoin I used say “A little.” From now on it’s going to be “No, wish I did though.”

Just my personal strategy going forward. It was fine when friends and family made fun of me, but now – at these gains – HODLers are going to become targets. Just a quick reminder to be careful out there.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet