Why Amazon is on the Verge of Absolutely Upending These 4 Markets Worth $220 Billion

There be no shelter from Amazon. The retail titan is rapidly expanding in so many directions that its front lines of competition are everywhere. Amazon is currently sending shockwaves through four different markets totaling $ 220 billion in value. Two of them are underway, one is a threat, and one is an opportunity. The fourth is a literal game-changing move, given that Amazon is making bold advancements in video games. Jeff Bezos Tabloid Drama is a Distraction Over at The Washington Post, Elizabeth Dwoskin asks: Does Jeff Bezos’ behavior put Amazon at risk? She says: “Jeffrey P. Bezos’s alleged explicit selfies

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Crypto Week in Review: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Verge, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Struggle

Things started out relatively peaceful when allegations arose that the currency had somehow dominated its incoming “death cross,” and that the slump users had been witnessing over the past several days may be coming to end. This seemed to hold true when Bitcoin rose from $ 6,900 to $ 7,100 – a …
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Verge Prices Notes Some Impressive Gains Compared to Bitcoin

It may turn out to be a semi-decent weekend for cryptocurrency traders after all. Even though most markets are stuck in sideways momentum, by the look of things, others are popping. The Verge price, for example, notes a very strong 36% increase in value over the past 24 hours. It is evident there is a lot …
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Tron, Cardano, Verge and Ripple – Four Cryptocurrencies That Actually Meet the Definition of Vaporware (news.bitcoin.com)

‘Vaporware’ is a term that’s tossed about loosely, often against cryptocurrency projects that have no clear use case. It’s an easy accusation to make given that many crypto projects are still at the development stage, and haven’t had a chance to prove themselves. This year’s vaporware could be next year’s ethereum – or at least so the investors hope. While a vast number of cryptocurrencies are derided as vaporware, the following four attract this jibe more than most.