Bitcoin is stable. It has survived a civil war, spam attacks, 1 exchange by volume shutting down (Gox), and will survive a nuclear apocalypse. The price in fiat/BTC fluctuates because it’s the volatility of the world entering the stability of Bitcoin in ebbs and flows.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

This crucial bitcoin group is an unexpected source of rising futures trading volume

When the Cboe Global Markets Inc., and the CME Grop Inc., separately launched bitcoin futures within weeks of each other in December, advocates of digital currencies had hoped it would lead to a surge in interest. However, early volumes were light, as investors, especially among big institutions, …
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Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD holds above $9200; CBOE registers record trading volume for …

Meanwhile, the popularity of Bitcoin futures is growing exponentially, according to the data published by Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The number of trades exceeded the average daily amount nearly three times on April 25 when Bitcoin touched the highest level since mid-March before …
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