Most US Investing Pros are Waiting on a Bitcoin ETF Before Buying Crypto

By Cboe BZX Exchange has officially withdrawn their Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund application. Filed last June, the official withdrawal of the application came in on January 22. A letter published on the SEC’s website makes the news official. SEC deputy secretary Eduardo Aleman writes that the Cboe BZX Exchange rescinded its request for a

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Waiting For Critical Mass

It comes down to the laws of physics when you are referring to an open and free market with a finite Supply and an increasing demand. 17.5 million Bitcoin / 7.5 billion humans + the fact that in this new paradigm we are able to take physical possession of the asset. Additionally this asset has all of the properties to make a superior currency than anything that we have ever had in the history of economics. There will have to be a point at which the price Expressed in fiat currency (that has unlimited quantities) will start to go hyper parabolic beyond anything that any of us can imagine. Think about it this way. I know for a fact that I will never sell all of my Bitcoin regardless of how little or how much the price becomes. I also know that there are several other like-minded people out there continue to dollar cost average regardless of the price and hold their own private keys. This fact cannot continue without the price of Bitcoin going exponentially higher considering it there's only 17.5 million and that after the next halvening the inflation rate will be less than that of gold which has been the soundest hardest money Humanity has ever known prior to the invention of Bitcoin!

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