Backing up Wallet file

I'm using a 2 of 3 multi sig wallet, using Electrum. The three wallets are spread over my laptop, desktop and phone. I'm planning to get an offline cold wallet with an air-gapped computer (and/or a hardware wallet) later. I'm currently in the process of moving countries, so can't get that set up right away and will do it once I arrive.

I have my three wallets' mnemonics backed up on paper and want one level of backup extra if possible.

How (un)safe is it to backup the encrypted wallet files to a cloud storage?

I can backup each of the three wallets somewhere different each if needed.

As I understand the wallet files are encrypted – so are they safe to be backed up?

To get to the passwords for the wallet, someone will need to have a key-logger on two of the three machines. Each wallet uses a different password.

I'm trying to avoid the risk of having my paper backups, and my devices all in one spot during the move and somehow losing all of it in one go and having no way of accessing my wallet addresses.

Once I have arrived in my new country, will I do a "proper" air gapped offline wallet for my main funds, with a smaller amount of funds in a "hot" wallet on my devices.

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update to rawtx lightning network wallet

Hey everyone,

Just released an update to the rawtx wallet for lightning network. You can find the links at or just search for it on the app stores. You can also get the source code at

This update has a simpler UI and bundles lnd 0.5 which brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements. It's still for testnet, though mainnet is coming soon.

Let me know if you run into any issues.

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