A gentle request for /r/bitcoin members: please upvote more liberally whatever you like or want to make visible on Reddit. It’s good for Bitcoin.

Reddit is a hugely important platform for helping pushing BTC into the mainstream and it all depends to you, the /r/bitcoin members and hodlers.

One upvote is not much, but nobody knows better than us how small notches can add up to huge results. Make a habit of regularly sifting through posts and upvote the relevant, constructive ones. A large scale bitcoin adoption depends of many factors, but one of them could be you habitual daily click on the posts you like. Yes, you are a hodler and technically cannot do much for the market to grow besides hodling – except this: help keeping Bitcoin on the front page of the front page of the internet.

Also, as a side note, the highly upvoted memes pouring at each crypto market downtick are a cancer for the large scale adoption. If you believe in the future of Bitcoin, focus on positives.

Thank you, and happy hodling!

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