This Week in Bitcoin: Amazon Wants to Track You and TD Ameritrade Plants a Flag

Over the past few days we learned about how Amazon wants to track your bitcoin transactions, why TD Ameritrade planted its flag in the blockchain, and even how close to reality are flying cars. These stories and many more were covered in this week's daily editions of Bitcoin in Brief. Also Read: …
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Philippines Senator Wants Harsher Penalties for Cryptocurrency Crimes (

On Monday April 16, the Philippines opposition senator Leila M. de Lima asked her fellow bureaucrats to push the passage of the cryptocurrency bills she helped frame. The proposed bills aim to introduce a harsher penalty towards criminals who use cryptocurrencies during illegal activities.
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Japan’s GMO Wants to Borrow Bitcoins from Customers (

Japanese internet giant GMO has launched a service to allow customers to lend their bitcoins to the company. Customers’ bitcoin balances will be debited from their GMO Coin trading accounts once loan agreements have been reached. This program is similar to the one launched by the hacked exchange Coincheck last year.
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